Hey, Let's Put On A Show!

Performance Rights Now Available


OH MY GODMOTHER! is fully protected under the US Copyright Act. To produce the show, you must first obtain a performance license, which will grant your company the rights to stage a production. For a licensing application--or for more information, contact info@ohmygodmother.com

Perusal Scripts and Scores

To order a perusal copy of the script and score, contact info@ohmygodmother.com

Extra Revenue

Does your theatre company like free money?  Why not sell copies of the OH MY GODMOTHER! Original Cast Album in your lobby?  We will wholesale the CD to you. You sell them for $20 and keep $10 for each CD you sell!  This is a proven money-maker and there is no obligation to you.  Return any unsold stock for FULL CREDIT.  Past experience indicates, however, that you’ll be requesting extra copies--not returning any!

Logos and Graphics

Don't underestimate the importance of a well designed graphic in your advertising! For a small licensing fee, we will authorize the use of the show's FABULOUS, official logo. We will also supply you with a logo kit that includes high-quality, camera-ready, digital files for use on posters, postcards, programs, handbills, flyers, commercials and websites to advertise and attract even more people to your show. Our logo is designed by an award-winning, nationally recognized artist and it is the proven way to get your production of OH MY GODMOTHER! noticed.

Oh My Godmother! (c) Ron Lytle, All Rights Reserved